A trademark, trade mark, or trade-mark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks

  • ™ (the “trademark symbol”, which is the letters “TM” in superscript, for an unregistered trademark, a mark used to promote or brand goods)
  • ℠ (which is the letters “SM” in superscript, for an unregistered service mark, a mark used to promote or brand services)
  • ® (the letter “R” surrounded by a circle, for a registered trademark)

On 06th March, the new Trademark Rules 2017 came into force. With this, the earlier 2002 rules underwent a major overhaul. The primary purpose behind this change is to simplify the Trademark registration process. Another motive for this change is improving the ease of doing business in India. Special provisions for startups, individuals, and small scale industries bear witness to this fact.The new rules promote E-filing as well.

Applying for Registration/Continuation/Restoration/Alteration in Details of a Trademark Agent

TM-A Applying for Registration of Regular/Collective/Certificate/Series Trademarks for Goods or Services in One or More Classes
TM-C Obtaining Search Certificate for Copyright Registration of an Artistic Work
TM-M Requesting Inclusion of a Mark in the List of Well-Known Trademarks/Applying for Amendment in Trademark Application/Seeking Registrar Preliminary Advice or Grounds of Decision/Applying for Regulation of Certification Trademark or Deposition of Regulation of Collective Trademark/Requesting Review of Registrar’s Decision/Certified Copy/Duplicate Registration Certificate/Extension of Time/Inspection of Documents/Particulars of Advertisement/Registrar’s Order in a Contesting Proceeding/Any Other Miscellaneous Matter not covered by other Forms
TM-O Filing Notice of Opposition with the Registrar of Trademarks/Applying for Rectification of Register or Invalidation of a Trademark or a Related Counter-Statement
TM-P Requesting Replacement of Subsequent Proprietor as Registered Proprietor/Amendment to details of Registered Proprietor or Registered User/Amendment of Registered Trademark or Specification of Goods or Services/Conversion of Goods/Dissolution of Association between Trademarks
TM-R Requesting Renewal/Renewal with Surcharge/Restoration of a Trademark
TM-U Applying for Recordal/Cancelation/Variation/Amendment in Details of Registered User or Intervention in Proceedings by Third Party


Application for registration of a trademark /collective Marks / Certification Mark / Series of trademark for specification of goods or services included in one or more than one classes.
Where the applicant is an Individual / Startup/Small Enterprise 5000 (For Physical filing) 4500 (For E-filing)

In all other cases (Note: Fee is for each class and for each mark ) 10000 (For Physical filing) 9000 (For E-filing)