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There are a number of ways in which the significance of registering Private limited organization in India. There is no doubt that private companies are very important for the economic structure running in India. Some of the key features of an Indian private company include providing limited liability to the shareholders, equity funds can be raised by the shareholders, and many more. There are several company registration types in India and those might include company registration for one person, company registration for private limited, and company registration for public limited. While reading this you will come across various aspects of registering a private company in India. So, let’s begin.

Checklist for Registering a Company in Delhi

Whenever you are going for legal work it becomes quite important to make a checklist. People often believe that making a checklist appears to be a boring and tedious task but if you practice it you will start noticing its amazing benefits. For an instance if you are going for registering your company and on the halfway or after reaching the registrar’s office you recall that you have forgotten an important document back at home, won’t it be an unnecessary fuss. On the other hand if you had made a checklist and matched it before leaving home it might appear as the right thing to do.

Procedure For Company Registration in Delhi

The procedure of registering a private company is not a very tough thing to do if done in an appropriate way. Given below is the procedure of private company registration-

  • Digital signature- it might be considered as a very first step because it is required in filing the application for registering a private company in India. Some very important documents like E-ITR as well as E-forms of ROC also require digital signature.
  • Name Approval- a business is known for its products or services and by its name, it is quite essential to have an absolutely unique name for your company. ROC will submit the name approval that should be digitally signed.
  • E-form- any and every kind of business requires financial incorporation and so does a private one, therefore filling an e-form of incorporation and submitting the asked documents is quite important.

Along with these things the next most important thing is the current account. You might have a saving account in the bank but you can’t carry out business operations through it. Hence, you are required to open a current account for your private company.

Documents required for Company Registration in Delhi

As we all know a lot of important documents are required for legal works, same is the case with company registration also. Here is the list of some important documents that are required for registering a private limited organization in India-

documents required for company registration

Along with all these documents, if the workspace of your company is rented then carrying the rent agreement of that place is advised. The normal utility bills like that of telephone and electricity should also be included.

Advantages Of Private Limited Company?

There are a number of advantages of running a properly registered private company in India like a businessman gets the biggest benefit of restricted liability if he or she dedicates limited liability for the business. In simple words in case of loss in business, the owner’s personal assets will not be endangered. Along with that the other benefit of registration of a private company is that if shareholders withdraw their names from the company it will not dissolve. Let’s discuss some other major benefits of getting a company registered.

Talking about business growth, reputation, and precious assets and how they appear to be a great benefit for private organizations. Once a company is registered, it also gets scope of expanding further as investors will prefer a registered company to invest in. The board of directors can play in front foot for attracting angel investors, venture capitalists as well as financial institutions for raising the funds. Being an individual legal entity a registered private company might appear to be a precious asset. The guidelines of a private company are made up of trust and faith in between investors, owners as well as the customers and hence, it runs for long-term.

How can we help in Registering your Company in Delhi? Why Corporate Consult

It is quite obvious that a work done by professionals is always better with the skilled and trained team of advisors we can help you to register a private company within a couple of days. Our team is completely professional and the best thing about them is that they know what is needed to be done and the best possible way to do it.

In order to clear your any kind of doubts related to the company registration and the procedure of doing it in India, you feel free to reach out at us and we will provide the right answer with the right advice to you. Contacting us is not very complicated we are there for your service only, and we are considered as best in business due to our transparency of work. There are a number of other corporate consultants that also include several types of commission as well as hidden cost in their charged fee. That’s unethical, right?

6 Steps For Company Registration

In India registering a private organization with the help of a corporate consultant becomes quite easier. We have made a six-step method of registering a private company in India in a convenient way, here it goes-

  • Applying for the registration- No doubt it is the first thing to do for the company’s registration.
  • Obtaining a DSC- according to the IT Act, it has become necessary to get digital signatures in the documents of registration. Therefore, getting a DSC (digitalized signature certificate) is required as well. Never forget that it is essential for each and every director of the firm.
  • File AOA & MOA along with SPICE-32- after registration of DSC is done, verification of an organization’s name on the portal of MCA is required. Therefore, getting a unique company name is essential.
  • Issue the Certificate of Incorporation- once you got AOA and MOA approved, the next step is to incorporate certificate including the organization’s PAN card number and incorporation’s date.
  • Get the applications of TAN & PAN- after getting the certificate of incorporation, MCA will provide you TAN & PAN application.
  • After doing all these things your company gets registered successfully. The very last step is to open the current account for your company as it is not allowed to carry out business activities through your own saving account.

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We often get a lot of queries from our clients, now when almost everything is already discussed in detail most of your queries might have been resolved. However, we will still discuss some of the frequently asked questions related to the registration of a private organization in India.

FAQs on Private Limited Company

In order to make you understand the complete procedure in a more efficient way, we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions that we come across every now and then. This might also help in resolving your doubts related to the role of a corporate consultant in the process of registering a private firm.

India is one of the biggest countries of the world with a population of about more than a billion people, legal things usually take time. However, when you hire a corporate consultant things are done in an easier as well as convenient way.
The eligibility criteria for becoming a firm’s director in India are not very complex. Anyone above eighteen years of age can be the organization’s director.
Yes why not, An employee can easily start his own business and can hold the position of director in it while working parallel as an employee in some other firm.
as told earlier, AOA & MOA are some very necessary documents for an organization to get registered in India. They consist of vision, rules, and objective of your company.

There are several other questions that people asked quite often from corporate consultants as we all know private companies are a very important part of India’s commercial spectrum.

The best thing happened to India over the last couple of years is easier access to the Internet, with the help of online facilities a lot of things have become simple and registering a firm is not an exception among those things. Therefore, you can simply find the best corporate consultant to assist you in registering your organization online.