Franchise Agreement

In concept of Franchising , the Franchiser allow the franchisee to carry on the particular business, for a consideration with continuing control over the manner in which franchisee carries on the said business, has become very popular in the world. This system provides advantage both to franchiser and franchisee. Franchisee can establish its business very easily with know-how, business concept of the franchiser.

Method Of Franchising

  • Appointment Of Master Franchisee.
  • Appointment Of Area Franchisee.
  • Franchisee Buy-Ins.


  • Check whether names & description of the parties have been clearly given.
  • Check whether provision relating to granting licence by the Franchiser to the Franchisee to use his know-how , trademark or brand name of the product of the franchiser have been incorporated.
  • Check whether term & condition relating to payment of royalty and service charges by the Franchisee to Franchiser have been incorporated correctly without any ambiguity.
  • Check whether the obligations of Franchiser and Franchisee have been given in details.