Copyright Registration

Copyright means the exclusive right provided by law to the authors, composers and artists so that other persons cannot copy your work. In simple terms we can say that copyright is a right to copy. If any other person wants to use copy or publish the work then they have to take the permission of the original creator. Copyright is just like an asset which the one can sell for some consideration.

Benefits of Copyright: Following are the benefits of registering copyright:-

  1. Legal safeguard: The original creator gets the legal safeguard against the use of his/her work by any other person. The original creator can take legal right in case any person violates the copyright.
  2. Prevents unauthorized recreation: The best part of copyright registration is that it prevents the illegal reproduction of your work or idea in any form.
  3. Asset creation: Copyright registration creates an asset in the form of intellectual property which the original creator can sell franchise or retain.
  4. Easy identification: Copyright registration allows the customers to easily identify the right owner to which the work belongs.

Works in which copyright subsists: Following are the classes of work in which the copyright subsists:

  1. original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works;
  2. cinematograph films; and
  3. records.

Documents required for Copyright Registration: Following documents are required for the registration of copyright:

  1. Two copies of work.
  2. Demand Draft or Indian Postal Order as per applicable rate.
  3. If work published and publisher is different from applicant, NOC from publisher.

Tenure of Copyright: Copyright protection is provided for the below mentioned tenure:

Particulars Tenure
For literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work Lifetime of the author + 60 years from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the author dies.
For others Until 60 years from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the author dies.

Copyright Registration Process: Process of copyright registration:

  1. Filing of application for registration in form XIV to the Registrar along with fees (DD/IPO).
  2. Issue of Diary Number.
  3. After filing an application with complete details, the author has to wait for mandatory 30
  4. Response to the objections, if any.
  5. Scrutinization of the application by the examiner.
  6. Removal of discrepancies, if any.
  7. Acceptance of application by Registrar.
  8. Issue of Certificate of Registration under the seal of copyright registry.