Consultancy Agreement

This Agreement entered into when a business wishes to engage a Contractor to provide specific services to them. Consultant provides specific services to the business for the term of business. Once contract term has expired relationship will end.

Pre –Requisite:

  • Effectiveness of Agreement ;
  • Commencement of Services;
  • Termination of agreement;
  • Obligation of the Consultant like conflict of interest ,Confidentiality, liability , Accounting and auditing , Document preparations etc
  • Payments;
  • Clear Right & obligation of both parties.


  • Specialised Knowledge – A Consultant provide more depth insight for a specific problematic area.

  • Cost Saving
    – For an employee , business have to pay added employment benefits such as PF, Bonus , ESI etc which is not required in case of Consultant .

  • Independent Perspective And Analysis
    – In case company wish to improve aspect of their business an independent opinion would be helpful.