Change in Company Address

Change Company Address Online

The registered address of the company is the place where the records, accounts and other business meetings take place. This address is registered with the Registrar of Companies as the primary place of operation of the company. It is mandatory for every company owner to declare the address of his or her company including its name. In case if any company owner decides to change the name of his or her company then he or she can follow the procedures listed below.

Procedure for Changing Office Address

  • The first step for changing the registered address of your company is to call a board meeting with all the directors of your company. The agenda of the meeting should be notified to the directors along with the new address before this meeting so that all of them come prepared.
  • The second step is to pass a resolution on the new proposed address by all the directors present in the meeting. For changing the registered address, it is mandatory for all the directors to accept the new proposed address. Even if the majority of your company’s directors have accepted it leaving one or two then also you can go ahead for the next step.
  • The next step will be related to filing an intimation to the Registrar of Companies by filling the form INC-22. This intimation must be made within 30 days of making the decision of changing the registered address by the board members or the directors of the company.
  • After getting the new address approved now all you have to do is change your old address to the new registered address in all of your company’s letter heads, bills, notices, and business letters. And notify about your new address to your clients and suppliers.

FAQs on Changing Registered Office Address

Yes, absolutely. Anyone can operate their business operations from their home or from the home of one of the directors of your company if you want to.
It is absolutely necessary to intimate ROC within 30 days of the new proposed address. Its better to intimate ROC as soon as all the directors of the company reach a consensus about the new address of the company.
The registered office of the company should be within the same state in India where your company was incorporated. So, shifting it abroad is out of the question.
There are a number of documents that are required for the change of registered address such as new address rent agreement, no objection certificate from the owner of the new premise, proof of new address in the form of the utility bill.

Perhaps now most of your queries have been cleared about the procedure of changing your company’s registered address.