Business Agreement

It is a Agreement between two or more parties who come into common understanding about a business related issue or topic. Several examples of Business Agreement are Partnership Agreement, Joint venture Agreement, Property sale Agreement, Franchisee Agreement etc

Pre –Requisite:

  • Parties involved ;
  • Payment & Contribution ;
  • Obligation and Commitment ;
  • Effective date of Agreement ;
  • Signature of Parties ;
  • Cancellation Clauses;
  • Parties area of Responsibilities ;
  • Contribution ;


  • The Business Partnership Agreement should be carefully drafted as it allows you to outline how disputes are going to be handled ahead of time instead of in the heat of moment. It helps in Dispute Resolving.
  • It clarifies Business Structure. This allow decision to be made efficiently and profit to be divided fairly.
  • Business Agreement helpful in dispute prevention, having a clear conversation about how to conduct business, disputes that may have otherwise occurred or may not occurred at all.